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ASUS A8N-SLI.......Good all round socket 939 motherboard

Posted: 7/26/2006

I have recently become a big fan of Asus products. The first contact i had with them was when i purchased an A8v deluxe motherboard for my pc. At the time, it was the best motherboard available on the market, but this was mainly due to the small number of manufacturers catering for this format.

Last month my younger brother pleaded with me to build him a computer which he can use for games, music, internet and all manner of things pc related. As Microsoft are slowly integrating 64 bit capability into almost all of their upcoming software, and 32 bit is being slowly phased out, I decided on starting with a 64 bit system. There are currently 3 formats of 64 bit system available, namely socket 754, socket 940 and socket 939. These 3 formats differ in their chip types and also in their compatability with other components used in the pc. The socket 939s have dual on-chip memory controllers and dont require ecc registered ram (the more expensive memory) as is the case with the socket 940 format. Socket 754 is now being phased out and parts available for a system incorporating this format are either very hard to come by or are outdated. This led me to the conclusion that building a socket 939 system was the most viable option.

The base of any system is the motherboard and this more often than not determines the speed at which all other components communicate with eachother. After having read many reviews and countless (riveting) pc magazines, the Asus A8N-SLi board seemed to be the best option in terms of features and price.

Consequently, an order was placed with Scan computers ( as they tend to be the most competitive retailer around. The board cost approximately 92 GBPs but can also be found slightly cheaper if purchased as a bundle.

The board arrived the next day and was opened immediately to check that everything required was included. The motherboard actually came with more than was required. Installation was fairly easy but this varies on which case you are using to house it in.

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