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We believe that the internet has empowered consumes like never before. Instead of relying on advertising claims, consumers can now easily see what experiences other users have had with a product or service. You can then make informed product and service choices. Since online forum reviewers have nothing to gain from either promoting or panning a product, you can be confident that you’ve got all of the facts before committing to a product or service. But the number of popular review websites and complaint boards is growing rapidly, and doing all of the research before making a decision can be very time consuming. That’s where reviewfinder steps in. Our analysts have already read and summarized all available online reviews and complaints. Using our trademark review summary format, we try to present all relevant information on a product or service at a glance, saving shoppers research time

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So are there any work from home companies that don’t require a serious initial investment? A classic example is a company like Scentura Creations. This is a typical “multi-level marketing” company, where you do buy in for goods, then sell them to yourself at a profit. Your success with an MLM company like Scentura depends on how good you are at sales. Often, home business opportunities have very vague names like World Financial Group or the Preferred Platinum Services Network that tell you little or nothing about what you’ll be doing. Another interesting work at home set up is paid surveys. Perhaps the leading company doing this is the Experian Consumer Research Group. However, even with an established service such as Experian, some consumers report never getting paid for taking the surveys. We would advise being particularly careful with companies such as Loral Langemeier that promise to sell you a get rich “secret”. It’s a sad cliché, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.